Mission Progress

  • Windurst Rank 10, Complete.
  • Bastok Rank 10, Complete.
  • San d'Oria Rank 10, Complete.
  • Rise of the Zilart, Complete.
  • Chains of Promathia, Complete.
  • Treasure of Aht Urghan, Complete.
  • Assault Rank, First Lieutenant.
  • Campaign Rank, Wings of Honor ∮∮∮∮

Salvage Progress - Skadi's Cuirie Set

  • 15 - O - O - C - O = Skadi's Visor
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Cuirie
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Bazubands
  • O - 25 - O - O - O = Skadi's Chausses
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Jambeaux

Salvage Progress - Morrigan's Robe Set

  • O - O - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Crown
  • 15 - 25 - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Robe
  • 15 - 25 - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Cuffs
  • O - O - 35 - O - G = Morrigan's Slops
  • O - O - 35 - O - G = Morrigan's Pigaches

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Againt All Odds!

Both Aniero and myself need Hecatomb Leggings, the Feet equip, so don't get confused by the fact that it says...leggings. In order to get these you need to buy Cursed Leggings...usually 400,000 gil. Aniero has had his sitting in his Mog House for like...months. I have 250,000 gil, kind of saved up.

After you get your Cursed Leggings you need to kill one of the Sky Gods named Suzaku and get a Neptunal Abjuration: Feet, to decurse your Cursed Leggings.

For a long time when Aniero was on Titan, it seemed his Sky Shell never did Suzaku when he was on. He had the points for the N Abj. Feet, he just lucked out on when they fought Suzaku.

On my end...I've had the points for item, but it seemed like it would NEVER drop and when it did...someone else would roll a higher lot than me.

Alas, it seemed we were never destined for our Hecatomb Leggings.

When he came over to Odin, him and I were more or less the only Career Dark Knight and Thief -- which means we get priority over all other jobs...save Warrior. They have equal priority.

So, whenever a N. Abj. Feet drops it seems like, again, some other player comes out of no where and steals it from us!

So we always joke and laugh about how one day we're going to get the killing blow on Suzaku and TWO N. Abj. Feet will drop...one for both of us.

Oh, the Irony...

On Friday I had plans to hang out with a friend in real life, I didn't plan on getting on FFXI for Sky. However, my company left early so I decided to pop on. We were doing Gods that night and Suzaku happened to be the next up.

Aniero wasn't there due to real life commitments. When it came bidding time, myself and one other person, Getto (War and Thf 75) were the ONLY people to roll on N. Abj. Feet.

Our Rolls?

Kallo rolls a 248.
Getto rolls a 164.

...wow. So, I won...we fight Suzaku...


I haven't talked to Aniero yet...he's going to be so heart broken. =(

Thursday, August 16, 2007

And so the Gods would fall...

Over the past month or so...STRIFE has shown exceptionally quick growth as an Endgame Linkshell in several respects. This is more noteworthy, I believe, due to the fact that more then a good handful of our team has never done Sky, nor Endgame content, until they joined STRIFE.

This past Sunday...we fought our first Kirin.

The fight took somewhere around an hour and twenty minutes. I, myself, died twice. While in the main alliance -- I do not recall seeing more then one person dead at a time. Due to being raised, switched out for a healthy member, etc. etc.

I remember see more then one person's health in the yellow or lower...one time. I have never seen a Kirin run go as smoothly as STRIFE operated on this day, and I'm extremely proud to call myself both a team member of this Linkshell, and also a friend to all those involved.

Our drops were Wyrmal Abj. Legs and Kirin's Osode, as well as Qauke and Kirin's Pole.

Congratulations STRIFE =) We've conquered Sky and toppled all five Gods.