Mission Progress

  • Windurst Rank 10, Complete.
  • Bastok Rank 10, Complete.
  • San d'Oria Rank 10, Complete.
  • Rise of the Zilart, Complete.
  • Chains of Promathia, Complete.
  • Treasure of Aht Urghan, Complete.
  • Assault Rank, First Lieutenant.
  • Campaign Rank, Wings of Honor ∮∮∮∮

Salvage Progress - Skadi's Cuirie Set

  • 15 - O - O - C - O = Skadi's Visor
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Cuirie
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Bazubands
  • O - 25 - O - O - O = Skadi's Chausses
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Jambeaux

Salvage Progress - Morrigan's Robe Set

  • O - O - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Crown
  • 15 - 25 - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Robe
  • 15 - 25 - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Cuffs
  • O - O - 35 - O - G = Morrigan's Slops
  • O - O - 35 - O - G = Morrigan's Pigaches

Monday, June 30, 2008


Nothing been going on. Partly, because I've been away from my PC for the past week (not my fault). But, I'm back now...doing the normal stuff...

Versus Events -- did an Omega, doing more Omega, Sea, Etc. We've started Einherjar and did very good on our first run. I wasn't present because of the aforementioned no PC access so I can't go into detail on it.

I changed up my merit plan a bit. In part because I can. In part because this makes less work and in part because 2 Dex and 2 Str are meh to me as far as one versus the other. If I really want the other 2 Str instead of Dex when I do RNG and COR -- we'll see what happens.

Other then that...I'm going to get my first Wing Commendation soon for Campaign. I also need to get my ass in gear and start snapping more pictures and storing up Zeni for T3 mobs so I can get Enkidu gear. Other then that...

A whole lot of nothing. Almost as bad as reruns.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Notorious!

So, I've had chance to mess around with the new ToA NMs today! Basically what you do is take pictures of normal Fauna (Monsters) for a new NPC in return of a currency known as Zeni! You then use Zeni to purchase items used to spawn NMs. Upon defeating the NMs you receive a 'trophy item' which you trade back to the NPC to unlock more NMs. The NMs also drop loot like we've all come to expect from Notorious Monsters. =)

Now, today I managed to down three of the NMs with some of our friends from Versus.

The first NM was Ob, who is a Automaton in Alzadaal Undersea Ruins. Myrrial used his pop item for that. We downed him 9 people. Our main strategy was going to be Nuke\DoT'ing while kiting. We had like 3-4 RDM\NINs for that. However, at 80% HP it switched to Mage Frame, so the DDs could go in and tear it apart. The only thing you have to remember is his this thing can hit Paladin with Magic Mortar for 2,000 Dmg+. I've come to believe that Magic Mortar damage can be reduced by putting distance between you and Ob since I was only hit for 450 Damage across the room. Anyhow, we ended up downing her with ease and got two attachments and the new Puppetmaster earring. Congratulations Rygar!

Secondly, we took on Lil' Apkallu in the Arrapago Reef with Potpressure's pop item. He wasn't too bad at all. He can use Hundred Fists multiple times, but we had Ninja tank who managed to survive it just fine. So, this time with 8 people we killed it with ease. =)

Third, this one we had a bit more trouble with! Elfaria wanted a new head equip for Summoner so we went to kill a Puk NM in Wajaom Woodlands. His Wind Shear hits for up to 2,000 Damage even with Baraera Spell and resistance around 108. Our first Ninja got knocked down at 30% then I fell down at around 20%, then our other Ninja fell down at 10%. So it was looking bad...Elfaria died...Evaine died...Myrrial died...Potpressure died...Rygar died...Elfaria raised. Elfaria casts Ancient Magic while weakened! The Puke dies =) And the head equip for Elfy drops! Grats Elfy!!!

I'm saving up my own Zeni so I can pop some NMs myself! Still waiting for that Antares and Enkidu gear to surface though. So, keep tuned in for some more updates!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Fashions

Some people might think this is a bit early to comment on, but I've still got 2 hours to go on an update that keeps interrupting itself.

I wanted to talk about some new gear as it applies to Thief.

Overall...I'm feeling pretty good. I'm no disappointed in the gear, but I'm not going to say I'm jumping for joy either. I think we got some good upgrades, some nice alternatives. The weapons department is a bit lacking, I think. But, then again I have arguably the best combo excluding a Mandau.

We'll go through this piece by piece, every single thing in the update that Thief can wear. I ask you to keep a couple things in mind.

A. This is mostly going to be in comparison with gear I currently have, which isn't the best.
B. This is going to be based on my on preferences\play styles which may vary from your own\community opinions.
C. Izman's a girl in IRL. It's true. And he's not pretty. If he didn't make damn good pancakes, I woudn't even have slept with him.

On to the gears.

Enkidu's Harness
DEF:50 STR+5 AGI+5 Accuracy+10 Attack+10 Evasion+5 "Subtle Blow"+5
Right now, I rock Scorpion Harness +1 for most situations, but I have a Pahluwan too if I want to hit a bit harder (The Crit Rate), but here we have STR and Attack and of course, the Accuracy same as both Pahluwan and the Scorpion Harness. Which means, Scorpion Harness is looking to be a Solo only option. Hell, depending on what you're solo'ing you might stay in this. Evasion +5 and Agi+5 against +10 Evasion? Not that far of a difference considering the STR\Attack bonus your getting and no one is ever going to complain about more Subtle Blow.

This might also make a nice alternative to the Dragon Harness for Trick Attack purposes, you're loosing out on 1 Agi, but you got 5 Str in there. I'd stick with Dragon Harness if you're stacking TA+WS though, of course.

Antares Harness
DEF:50 HP+15 DEX+8 AGI+8 Accuracy+8 Evasion+8
Now, this piece is pretty tasty. It's a very nice alternative to Scorpion Harness, even the plus one if the old 2 Agi=1 Evasion rule holds true. And, to top it off, it could replace your Dragon Harness depending on how fond of that Attack +10 you are. +2 more Agi and Dex, and Acc instead of Attack?

Enkidu's Leggings
DEF:23 DEX+3 AGI+3 Attack+4 Ranged Attack+4 "Subtle Blow"+2 Haste+2%
Now this is an exciting piece for a lot of reasons! Firstly, we're seeing a nice cheap, just good alternative to Dusk Ledelsens! They're better then Dragon Leggings (except the Enmity) and even when you get Heca-Feet they're great to keep for TA boost.

Enkidu's Mittens
DEF:24 STR+4 DEX+4 Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5 "Subtle Blow"+2
I myself, don't have much use for these since I have Heca-Hands, but for a THF without Sky Access they're going to replace whatever you have. Honestly, they're what Dragon Mittens should have been. But now we get these for SA and those for TA. However! For Thieves having trouble getting TP Gloves like Dusk\Homam...toss the War Gloves and pick up these babies. =)

Cuchulain's Belt
DEF:6 HP+15 DEX+6 Attack+10
What we may have here is a final alternate option to the Warwolf Belt. The STR on the belt doesn't affect our Weaponskills as a Modifier, not like Dex does. More STR helps because it means harder hits, which we get from the Attack as well. And the Attack is going to let us hit harder then the 5 Str. If you don't need a lot of accuracy and you don't have a Swift Belt yet for Haste. This might not be a bad option to pump up your DoT a little.

Enkidu's Cap
DEF:23 DEX+3 AGI+3 Accuracy+8 Ranged Accuracy+8 "Subtle Blow"+2
For any of you poor fools (like I was) still WS'ing in your Empress Pin at Lv. 70+, fret no more. We got the same amont of stats from this and it has some Accuracy on it. Not the best, obviously the Assassin's Bonnet or Heca-Cap a lot better. But, this is a nice solid alternative to those who can't quite reach the aforementioned yet.

Muse Tariqah
DEF:15 MND+7 CHR+7 Spell interruption rate down 10%
This is something I'm curious about. As of now, Shield selection for Thief includes the Tatami Shield for a WS boost, Tariqah for Acc\Eva boost or Viking Shield for Atk Boost. Now, Dancing Edge uses CHR as one of it's modifiers. I can't help but wonder just how much +7 Chr might help? So, this is more of an 'I wonder' piece then anything right now.

Airy Buckler
DEF:17 CHR+2 Accuracy+2 "Store TP"+2 Haste+1%
Finally! Thieves can achieve Full Haste Cap on gear without needing Dusk Gloves +1. And we get some Acc and DE Mod. =) Yay!

Cuchulain's Mantle
DEF:8 STR+4 DEX+4 Accuracy+5
And wow! What have we here? A new WS Cape! Hell, this is even better then Assassin's Cape! It also saves me some money...because I'm in love with this more then Cerberus Mantle+1 now. Thank you SqaureEnix. =)

Ancient Torque
DEX+4 Accuracy+9
Lv. 74 All Jobs
Goodbye Chivalrous Chain! Helo Ancient Torque. It's like you were made for me! However...this is very obviously a great WS piece for the neck slot. It's also a great TP piece, but depending on what you're going for you might keep the Chiv. Chain for TP. Dex helps Crit Hits sure, but STR would help your overall DoT as well. So, it's a call based on what you want. Regardless, I'd pick this thing up.
Enkidu's Subligar
DEF:40 STR+4 DEX+4 "Store TP"+5 "Subtle Blow"+5
Fuck! Yes! Thank you SE! Up until now the options for Thief WS pieces weren't very good...I mean, yes Heca-Legs are goddamn amazing, but they're a trip to get. Dragon Subligar is good, Pahluwan Legs aren't bad. Even Rogue's Culotte's +1 can pass...but now we have these! It's like they put P. Legs and Dragon Subligar together!

Oily Trousers
DEF:35 DEX+5 AGI+5 Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5 Decreases movement speed
These aren't bad either. In fact, I like 'em. New alternative to TP when you can't get Haste Gear, and they're not bad for Weapon Skilling either. If you're doing SAWS, I'd go with the Enkidu's I think, but this is great for TAWS, or a SATAWS if you're going old school.


DMG:31 Delay:200
Lv. 75 THF
This is our Nyzul Isle Weapon. Now, there's a lot of debate\theories concerning why it's blank weapon and my guess is as good as anyone else. What I'd like to point out that I'm disappointed in the base states of the thing. DMG: 31? There's a new Jambiya added with the same DMG! And the Delay is 201. So far...I don't want this, because my Blau\Sirocco is way better. But, we'll see...my theory? Think back to FFX's Final Weapons.

DMG:35 Delay:210 AGI+4 Accuracy+4 Evasion+4
Lv. 74 THF/DNC
Now this is an interesting one. DMG is pretty high, nice Acc on it, not to mention some Agi\Evasion. Not bad for a Solo Dagger perhaps?

Zareehkl Jambiya
DMG:31 Delay:201 Evasion+5 Latent effect: DMG:36
This is one high-end DMG on the latent. I mean, that's sexy. Mandau is only 39 DMG. That would make this the new Blau Maybe? Who knows, something to keep your eye on though.

Black Tathlum
DEX+1 Accuracy+4 Attack+4
Now, this I'm looking forward too. We don't have MUCH in the way of Ammo Slot item. When we don't have a ranged equip really it's...Bomb Core, Bomblet or...RSE Satchel. Well, here we have the THFs Bomblet, because it gives us Dex to. Yay! Use Darts for pulling, use whatever you want for smacking things (Bomb Core for me) and this for Weapon Skill! Since changing Ammo does not reset TP. =)

Now, I left out a few things. Like Cobra Stuff -- because honestly, I don't need it. There's better stuff you can get...and just yea, whatever. These are the things I'm looking forward to most as a Thief. So, we'll see what happens in the next few weeks to come.

I'm out.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Whether or not you believe in magic or voodoo, or even if your superstitious or not...I think everyone, at some time in their life due to coincidence or just plain bad luck sometimes comes to believe, even if it's just for a second, that they're cursed.

I know I can recall a few...

In High School there was this kid who always ended up dating girls 2-3 weeks after my own relationship with them had ended.

No matter how many times I go Beaucidine Glacier with high lot on Assassin's Culotte, they will only drop when I'm not present, and they will drop twice.

Or...the most recent one. Salvage Chariots.

I run Salvage with people from CiB (Versus' Social LS) and they're a stand-up group. All professionals of the highest caliber in my eyes. They've downed the Chariots on numerous occassions, it's not a difficult task. You just need to get there with enough time.

However, on all the runs I've been on...we've never downed a Chariot. It's always been a case of not having enough time. I've come to the conclusion I might be cursed! I'm a very cautious puller...and because in Salvage one mistake can mean having the entire run to do stuff, or the run ending that instant...I'm even more cautious. Put on top of that that I'm trying to remember which cells to lot...I even more careful. This leads to slow pulling...this even leads to uneeded deaths of mine which takes up time.

And today, I was at the wrong door. Hell, if wasn't even a door. It was a square in the wall where a door would have been if SquareEnix wanted to place one in the design template. We lost today by like 1-2 minutes, which I could have easily cleaned up throughout based on my performance.

Curse you Salvage Chariots...curse you...

No pictures. Again, I'm lazy. But, rest assured, I've been TB'ing Izman big time!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Notorious Death

So, I logged on today and I got a /tell from a dear old newb -- err, Friend. =)

Miryoku>> Wanna make 100k?
Kallo>> Fuck yea, I do.

That was the extent of the conversation! So, I hop on out to Grauberg_S and the plan is to kill the NM Wyvern Scitalis in hopes of the Saurian Helm dropping which sells for about 700k on the Auction House.

Now, the Wiki has a few testimonials of it being trio'd, he's very similar to Ungur which can also be trio'd, even duo'd in some cases. As long as you're good at what you do and careful he's not to hard. But, it's very easy for this guy to get away from you. He uses Para\Silence like most Wyverns, has fast attacks and double attacks about 50% of the time. Also, if he lands a melee he does an extra 100 wind damage.

Our first attempt...Me, Miryoku(Thf), Frag(Pld), Rael (Whm), Scottie (BLU68). Frag ate dirt SO fast it was super funny. Me and Miry bounced hate back and forth and go him down to 20% where he wasted Miry. Then I got him to about 10-8% before I went down.

So, we got all raised up and what not. By this time Frag went AFK and Forix (DRG) and Aeredon (DRK) showed up. Well, our DDs got a little excited when we pulled...and it took Miryoku and I a moment to get hate settled. In the confusion Scitalis cleared by shadows and Fang Rushed me quick...I went down at 85% and our DDs just unloaded on him (No 2 hours or JAs) and got him to 45% before Miry ate dirt and everyone else behind her.

We got raised up again and Miry\Forix has to leave and Frag was still AFK. So we disbanded...

And then I called in some favors.

Hiryo (Mnk), Myrrial (RDM), Crlmsonking (RDM), Eminatriee (NIN) and Frag (WAR now) came back. So, we pull it...at about 85% Emi eats some gravel. Hiryo and I take turns tanking it, off and on. I die...Hiryo stays up for awhile then he dies. Then Myrrial dies, then Frag then Crlmson goes down. Myrrial reported it at 8% with Bio on it.

Now, this thing doesn't have much HP for as strong as it is. So, Myrrial uses his re-raise and goes and keeps it claimed, keeping DoT on it and gets hit again. She raises up once more and DoTs it again getting on shotted with it at 2% and a DoT. So, while weakened and at 98 HP, I put up shadows and claim it at 1% and whack it a few times -- Myrrial's DoT gets the kill.

No helm.

But fun nonetheless! I took a lot of pictures.

Too bad I'm lazy and don't want to post 'em.

P.S. Izman likes to tie ribbons in his hair.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, I've realized I can't really keep this blog up just talking about my in-game exploits and achievements. Certain things, sure. But the big things never happen...maybe once every couple of months.

I've done a couple more Versus things -- we owned Limbus the other night. We did two JoFaiths -- wait, already talked about that.

I've been playing on Black Mage, got it to LV 68. Elfaria (Super Wizard Taru) says that when I hitLv. 71 we can duo! So I'm really looking forward to that.

Really...that's about it. I need something to talk about next time...Hmm. So, yea.

I'm done now.