Mission Progress

  • Windurst Rank 10, Complete.
  • Bastok Rank 10, Complete.
  • San d'Oria Rank 10, Complete.
  • Rise of the Zilart, Complete.
  • Chains of Promathia, Complete.
  • Treasure of Aht Urghan, Complete.
  • Assault Rank, First Lieutenant.
  • Campaign Rank, Wings of Honor ∮∮∮∮

Salvage Progress - Skadi's Cuirie Set

  • 15 - O - O - C - O = Skadi's Visor
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Cuirie
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Bazubands
  • O - 25 - O - O - O = Skadi's Chausses
  • COMPLETED = Skadi's Jambeaux

Salvage Progress - Morrigan's Robe Set

  • O - O - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Crown
  • 15 - 25 - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Robe
  • 15 - 25 - 35 - C - G = Morrigan's Cuffs
  • O - O - 35 - O - G = Morrigan's Slops
  • O - O - 35 - O - G = Morrigan's Pigaches

Monday, September 22, 2008

WARNING: No Pictures.

Mainly because I'm lazy. Otherly because I'm bored that's why I'm posting, so I had no pictures planned. Lawlz.

So, just a bit of an update today.

Let's see...first! Some excellent news! We did Zhayolm Remnants last night! FINALLY got Hiryo his 25 Usukane Mask =D Congrats!!! He's been getting screwed out of that thanks to double Skadi Hands or Ares Legs drops for so~ long! Glad we finally got him that! ^.^

Not that it matters, but the bitch frog with my pants didn't drop them again!

I didn't mind though because I pulled the zone nearly fucking flawlessly! 2nd floor in particular we had NO links. I think Hiryo or something accidently aggro'd a Wyvern, but we were about to zone up regardless. So, yea, made up for how much I sucked on Friday in Silver Sea when I wiped us at Powderkeg's room.

Otherwise, I've just been farming for...well, nothing inparticular. I just like to have a coushion of gil. I'm sitting on 600k right now. If I get to 1 Mil I'm locking that on my Windy Mule and then saving up for gear to actually buy. Like more AGI for my TA Boost Setup, maybe some more Evasion gear? I don't know. We'll see!

That's all. Oh! And I guess Izman is super sick? So get well, buddy! It's not cool when I kill you in IRL. There's no buffer for that. <3

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Salvaging the Ruins!

So, since my last post about me being 'back', I actually haven't been 'back' much. Rofl. Main reason being class work kind of spurred up on me. However, today I did manage to make Versus Events. We did some Sea and got Ix'Drk\Drg, so that was all good.

Headed over to Einherjar after that and got Bats\Diremites and Leeches. Was nothing, we owned 'em up pretty hard. But, the boss whose was a Golem (and seperates) needed to be given the old Romeo and Juliet treatment and we fell short on that one. So, 1,440 Ichor, but other then that nothing.

The big news! Salvage! We did an awesome run, we took down a bunch of NMs and got to the boss with PLENTY of time left. Unfortunately, we wiped at 1%...it was just, Iunno, something wasn't righ with us.

But, that was nothing compared to the fact we got both of these!

The mask went to my man BLEEP making him 3\3 on his Ares Mask -- he just needs 1.9M now. And the body went to Old Man Ringthree who only needs the 15 piece now. I almos feel sorry for Ring...he has 3\3 Usukane Head and needs to buy the O Ingots, he has 3\3 Usukane Body and needs all the Ingots for that and now he's one100% drop away from Ares Body...the guy needs a good 30 Mil? Rofl.

So! Congrats to probably the coolest couple in FFXI on the Odin Server. =) Grats guys.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Foiled! ...an explanation.

Well. It's certainly been some time since I've updated this space. So, first, an explanation!

I believe it happens to all of us...some more frequently then others. No, Izman, I'm not talking about your ...disfunct--you know, what. Not addressing that here! Congrats on Ares Body, btw. No, I'm talking about the reason I've been away from the game for so long. Sometimes, I just get sick of the game, bored? I look at all my goals and think "What's it all for?" I don't know, it looks like a grind to me more then anything else.

But! Then, something happens...and it has nothing to do with me getting stuff. I read things like Ring's Blog or Izman's...or Ring's Blog and see everyone getting all thier stuff and being all happy. And realize it's not because of anything I've done. So, I'm reminded that I'm not just playing this game for myself. I'm playing it to help my friends.

And...as a great DRK just recently put it...no not Aniero. I said great, not Emo.

"You give out +1, you get back +2."

My first night back, I was fortunate enough to land a pair of Homam Gambieras. Even though when I first logged on and said hello, I got messages like this from my Linkshell...

Member A >> Oh, God...
Member B >> GTFO
Member C >> -.- He's back...
MemberIzmanisadouche >> HAVE MY BABIES!
MemberIzmanisadouche >> ...I mean...I too...don't like you...question mark?

I know they really care =) Because the Gambieras are a way of saying, "We missed you Kallo."

So, everyone at Versus -- I'm sorry I've been gone so long and I'll try to make it up over the next couple weeks!

As for why I was FOILED! I've been planning a massive attack on the Versus Queen Bee Omoi! I had an ENTIRE library of pictures I was going to use to slander her good Dragoon image...but alas...all the Teabagging pics were lost when my computer...suddenly, randomly...without warning...died on me.

...just you wait Omoi! Vengence shall be mine! Along with the last laugh!