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  • Chains of Promathia, Complete.
  • Treasure of Aht Urghan, Complete.
  • Assault Rank, First Lieutenant.
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Salvage Progress - Skadi's Cuirie Set

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Belt of Swiftness.

Perhaps one of the most elusive pieces of equipment (other then Skadi's Ledelsens) is the all-awesome Swift Belt from the Sacrarium RS NMs from the Chains of Promathia expansion. This belt has Accuracy +4, Attack-5 and Haste +4%. It's level 50 and is wearable by all jobs it's a very desirable piece of gear.

The drop rate is said to be 33%. 66% with TH2.

I went 1\15.

At first, it was an interesting little thing...my very first time popping, everyone else seemed to get drops and I was just the odd one out. No big deal, it happens sometimes. So, a friend of mine made me take one of his extra pops. No drop. That's fine, 0\2 isn't bad. Mathmatical odds dictate that next time I should be fine.

So, next time I bring two books -- just to be safe.

0\5. Hmm...

Three books next time and I'm now 0\8.

Three MORE books...0\12.

Alrighty, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

For awhile now, I didn't even bother. Probably months! Until Aniero decided HE wanted one and made me drag him down there with some people. Well, of course I'm not going to do it for others and not try myself. So...the first time...I took two books, popped them both. 0\14. Ugh...

We went again a few days ago. We had 5 people who needed Swift Belts, I had three books on me. All of the people there were my friends and today, I was determined not to leave those sewers until EVERYONE had a book.

You've fucked me over 14 TIMES Sacrarium...today, I wasn't going to let you push me around.

First book I tell everyone is a free pop -- if it drops, everyone can lot. So we pop Mithra and kill it...

"Mithra NM drops a Swift Belt."

Fuck yes. Everyone lots and I pass. Xzaver has a shiney new belt! And then I get yelled at for passing. X.x; Love you guys too.

We pop my second one -- no drop. Ok, that's cool...Sacrarium showing some balls. Let's do it.

Teila pops hers next -- BOOM! "Hume NM drops a Swift Belt" Congrats babe. =)

Aniero pops his next -- BAM~! "Hume NM drops a Swift Belt" What now Sewer bitch!?

Xzaver pops his book -- ...no drop. Whatever, he has his already! So suck it Sacrarium!

At this point no one had full hate, so we went and took a short break and I sent Herra back to Jeuno to pick up a new book from my mule. We had two more Belts to get and we had three -- four more pops.

So, Herra comes back and we do our thing at Mithra again...SWIFT BELT! Peeper wins the lot after forcing me to lot first.

We pop the second one...no drop. Two books left.

We pop one...SWIFT BELT! And it's mine, mwahahaha! DAY IS COMPLETE! FUCK YOU SACRARIUM!

Now! At this point everyone who had come originally got thier belt...just as planned. Kallo 1, Sacrari--I'll just not finish that setence. But! If you can count at all, I still have one book left at this point and a friend of mine, Erell, did come to help and also needed a belt. So, why not! I used the pop to try and get her a belt...

The Sacrarium has the last laugh...

For now.

Left to Right Top: Peeper, Xzaver, Kallo, Aniero, Teila.
Left to Right Bottom: Erell, Thazienne, Herra.

Thank you to everyone! Especially to Thazienne, Herra and Erell who came out to help for hours and hours without asking for a single thing or expecting anything in return! <3 you all! Congratulations to everyone who walked away with a Swift Belt! =D

On a side note: Lots of EPIC shit happened between this and now so I'll be posting that soon enough! WOO!

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Bf of awesomeness you are! /mwah <3